Intercoms can be a useful tool in our current environment. We have audio and audiovisual units. These are powerful tools in identifying who is at the door/gate before you allow the person to gain entry.
All our intercoms have a door/gate release button and easily converted to activate a door strike or automatic gate.


Access control is becoming extremely important in our society. Thieves are getting more brazen than ever. An unattended reception or an open factory door is an open invitation for thieves. Yes Security Australia can design an access control system to suite your needs and budget, from simple stand-alone units or to large integrated Alarm/Access Control system. Encompassing Pin Access, proximity tags/cards or biometrics (fingerprint/retina scans) from 1 door/1user through to 240 doors/24570 users.


Visual surveillance is a useful tool when considering your security needs Yes Security Australia can design a CCTV system to meet your budge and needs. From a simple 1 camera 1 monitor to large systems up to 160 cameras networked over an existing computer system with offsite viewing over the internet..